Who Needs Men? (Coronet Books)

Who Needs Men? (Coronet Books) - Edmund Cooper "Rura Alexandra, Madam Exterminator, had recently graduated into a 25th century world where men had become biologically less important, where women could reproduce as they wished by cloning and parthenogenesis.
Her task was simply - in theory, if not in practice: to wipe out the last few thousand men who had taken refuge in the Highlands of Scotland.
But an ambush near Loch Lomond led to rape, and the killing of her fellow-exterminators. And Diarmid MacDiarmid, the last remaining rebel chieftain proved too much of a fascination."

'racy, with some nice touches typical of Mr. Cooper' Evening Standard

So reads the blurb on the cover of my copy. I drawn to this book in a second-hand book store because of it's title and read it with all the anticipation that one would sit down to watch an old sci-fi B movie. Needless to say it didn't disappoint. Totally cheesy!!!